Of the nozzle by the increase of the penis: indications, types, contraindications

The intimate area is an important part of every person's life. Therefore, the representatives of the stronger sex, we pay attention to their own performance in sex. That confidence in sexual life, to help tips to increase penis size.

Why the need for the nozzle?

the nozzle member

The nozzle is designed so as to give variety to their sex lives, or solving problems with potency. There are a large number of devices, in order to achieve a variety of purposes. The man used such a device, in order to ensure that the size of the country has become more and women to get energetic sensations during the sexual activity.

The print helps to prevent the development of problems in the sexual sphere. Thanks to them, and the man is going to have a strong erection, long-lasting intimate contact, and they will be able to deliver your partner maximum pleasure.

The Material of construction

Nozzles for penis enlargement are made from a variety of different materials, which help the person to choose the most appropriate option. In the manufacture of the following:

  • Of the skin. Close to the natural of the skin, helping to convey the same feeling. With the use of a product out of it quickly warms to body temperature, and it will be for all time. This material has high quality, so it is a great shelf-life. The nozzle, which are made out of leather, they have a very high cost, so it is rarely used for men.
  • Silicon. The Material is cheap, fairly soft, elastic, does not cause allergic reactions. The products made from it, it is an easy-to-use. The silicone used for many years, but it can be a transformation, where they come into contact with lubricants on fat basis.
  • Latex. It has a low cost. It is less, than in the other materials, however, it is difficult to take care of them, it is very pleasant to the touch and has no smell. As a silicone, a latex, it does not show the use of the oil, the grease, in order to prevent the destruction of the.

Nozzle what is the material to choose to solve only on the basis of their own preferences. All the materials used are safe for health, the only difference is the quality of the life lived, the possibility of the transfer of tactile sensations.

What is the extension of the nozzle of the country?

In specialized stores you can find a number of nozzles made from different materials and in different variations.

With an open header

The use of this product is the thickening of the penis. The nozzle also helps to stimulate the female vagina, which will allow you to achieve more vivid orgasm. To open the device, such as the exciter ring. Wear it only during the excitation, but not for him.

With a closed head

Blocked nozzles are often used as a means of protection against unwanted pregnancy. This helps to make the penis thicker or longer. In the absence of such equipment, the walls are thick, which leads to a lower sensitivity. This effect allows you to prolong the sexual intercourse a number of times.

With vibration and remote control

Available-for-sale and packaging materials with the vibro massage. Not only does it help to lengthen the penis, but also to stimulate the female clitoris during the intercourse. The control head comes with a remote control.

The pimples

On the surface of the following equipment is covered with a lot of the ball. You can also have a variety of lengths and heights. For the most aesthetic appearance of the manufacturers, even the bumps in the different samples.

With so

Such advice is similar to the previous type, but instead of a ball on the surface, they were choked by the thorns. The models can be of different types, the different sizes of the studs.

With a mustache

The nozzle is also similar to the previous two devices, but instead of the ball and the spikes on the surface are of the antenna. Assist the woman to deliver intense sensations during sexual intercourse. In addition, the device allows you to lengthen and thicken the penis.



Those notes are real, because as close as possible to the color of the skin, the natural, and the anatomical characteristics of the manhood. With their help it is possible to make the member thicker and longer.

The scope of the relief

These structures are characterized by a textured surface with a three-dimensional pattern, in which a woman received an unusual and pleasant feeling. With the use of the nozzle member becomes larger in size.

The multiple use of a condom

The shop specializes in the sales of intimate products, you can find the multi-use of condoms. This is a relatively new commodity in the world of the sex shop. This leads not only to avoid conception, venereal diseases, and lengthen the penis.

The promotion of

These devices are typically made of silicone rubber. The aim is to stimulate the vaginal walls, in women, in order to increase the brightness of the sensation during sexual intercourse. In addition, they can help make the member wider and longer.

The features of the application

They take care of attachments is fairly straightforward, as you don't need any special knowledge. From the date of acquisition of the goods to which it is necessary to wash with soap.

Put the nozzle of it is just as easy. They all have a special ring, which is placed in the scrotum. By doing this, it is a product that is attached to the penis. Wear a design just for you Horny penis. The first application, it is recommended that you try to do this myself to learn.

The inside of the nozzle you want to lubricate with talcum powder to avoid the rubbing of the skin of the male organ. Lubricant is also applied to the external surface of the. Apply lubricant to the penis or to the inside of the product, it is not possible. In the opposite case, the device is easy to fly off during sexual intercourse.

The opinions of the men and women of the

The opinions of the men and women about sex, which use a variety of nozzles. You can find both positive as well as negative opinions. However, the bad reviews are most often associated with what a man chooses the wrong product or purchases the product is of poor quality.

If you are using a good quality tips representatives of the stronger sex, say that sex has become more and more vivid, increase the duration of intercourse and increased libido. The women of the show, that is, the use of devices that help you reach the peak of pleasure, especially from the tips with an embossed surface, spines, prickles, tendrils.

Which outlet is the greatest?

The biggest nozzle shall be deemed to be "well done", that is, a length of 17 cm, But it has recently appeared on the market, the product is called a "Matador". Its length is 26 cm, Although this size, and its use may have to be a man with a small member, as it is well secured.

What size to choose?

The nozzles come in a variety of sizes, so that men are lost, when you have selected the desired length. The advice, in this case, it is not possible, because it is a strictly individual decision, depending on the following parameters to the penis.


The special contra-indications of the use of the penis enlargement, but there are a number of recommendations for their use.

  1. Do not use the product during the anal, and oral communication.
  2. Do not use more than the time recommended in the instructions. In the opposite case, there is a risk that the pathology of the sexual organs.
  3. Don't use the magnifiers, to the pathology of the blood.
  4. Be careful to use a nozzle, have the patients who are suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

The materials for the manufacture of nozzles are used, they are hypoallergenic. However, there is still a chance that we have to do this idiosyncrasy. In this case, the use of the products shall not be permitted.

The advantages and disadvantages of the use during sexual intercourse

the nozzle

The use of the nozzles for penis enlargement also has its own positive and negative attributes. The advantages are as follows:

  • The increase in the size of the manhood, the length, and the thickness of a coin.
  • The ability to use certain types of products, such as barrier birth control.
  • A large selection of different models to help you choose a fixture that delivers a high-saturated experiences.
  • A slight reduction in the sensitivity of the reproductive organs, thereby increasing the duration of sex.

The negative points more than those of the models that were beginning to grow old. They have greatly reduced the sensitivity of the penis, has undergone a deformation due to the movement. The modern products for the improvement. They perfectly capture the feeling of a long period of time, does not wear out.

However, there still remains a problem. It refers to the quality of the nozzle. If a man wants to buy a quality product that will last him for a number of years, it will be quite a large amount of money.

Thus, the nozzles for penis enlargement in men is an effective way to enhance sensation during intimacy. However, you need to select the best option for size and quality.