Manufacturer of vacuum pump parts

The air pump is a pump which is a vacuum. It has a great suction force, and is created by the pumping of air or any other substance in a sealed container. Why the need for such a device in which the principles of operation, types, and characteristics, how to build a device with his own hands, — all of these issues need to be considered.

What instruments are used, and where it is

a vacuum pump

In the modern world, people have a very common with a vacuum in our daily lives. Such a device is used in a brake of a vehicle, and air-conditioning systems. There is a machine that pumps the air out of the packages of food or bulky items.

Of fixtures to be used in a variety of industries:

  • Of the textile;
  • Food
  • The pharmacological;
  • Of the medicinal product;
  • The oil and natural gas;
  • To the chemical;
  • Electric;
  • Metal;
  • Agriculture;
  • Of the work.

There are also pumps for women as well as men, to improve the flow of blood to the various organs. A vacuum device is used almost all over the place, and so their form is different. The main types of such devices are very different. A liquid sealant that is designed in front of all the others, and it is used today.

In these devices, they need a constant supply of fluids and electricity.

The vacuum in the chamber caused by the rotation of the mechanism is immersed in the liquid. Rotary vane — the most popular in the industry. Used for small, closed systems. Rotary vane pump is mainly composed by the 2 cameras. During operation of the rotor the air out of one of the module is to be moved to the other one. These pumps are of 2 types – oil or oil-free of charge.

The design of the guide device out of a syringe

Manual mini-pump is a very affordable, and it's going to be easy to assemble a civilization.

If you want to order the device from the syringe, you need to prepare:

  • A hospital syringe, according to the several;
  • From the Tee;
  • The tube is the same diameter as the tee, and a syringe;
  • 2, the check valve is.

For the first time, a flexible plastic tube is cut into 3 pieces and attaches to the tee. In one of the tube, attach the syringe, and the other two, and aquarium valves.

You can use the aquarium valves of the same diameter as the tube.

A single valve installed in the air, and the other on the issue. The motion of the piston into the syringe from a container of air took place. It is also possible to pour water from one container to another.

It is a permanent fixture of the motor-pump

Own a household pump, a home made out of an ordinary car or a Bicycle pump. The work, which consists of 4 consecutive steps. As follows:

  1. To disassemble the device and remove the cuff.
  2. The cuff is turned upside down and screwed to the back.
  3. The extraction tube is mounted on a non-return valve.
  4. At the free end of the valve to wear a tube or a pipe made of durable material.

The essence of the amendment is to change the direction of the stroke when you push the handle to reduce the volume of the chamber, and the air is escaping out of the inverted leg.

The lifting arm of the chamber to create a vacuum.

This is a homemade device, it can be useful at home, for example, when the supply of air to the examples of the storage bag, and great things without the help of a vacuum cleaner.

From a variety of different types

The absorption of large amounts can cause the engine to electric power. It is not possible to draw from a reservoir containing a fluid, namely water vapour, will quickly bring the device down. In order for the compressor is broken, the system adds the equipment to dehumidify the air.

The manufacturer of the pumps, the compressor is divided into 3 phases:

  1. To remove the filter on the compressor.
  2. At the time of entry into the compressor attaches to the hose to suck in the air.
  3. Turn the machine on its own.

The pump with your hands, you can create one with a broken refrigerator or air conditioner. The production process is simple, and it takes place in several stages. Tool clipped to the top. Remove the motor from the housing. The copper wear on a special tube, and is attached to a small container.

The upper part of the compressor, to be replaced by a new, smaller, diameter. The cap can be done by means of a soldering iron made of brass foil. Linoleum is coated with an insulation material.

The pump shall be provided with tubular level gauge for monitoring the oil level (it can be made from the body of the stylus). The suction fitting is attached to the air filter, you can use the car. During the installation, and the filter is installed, the system reset excess pressure. Included in the network.

How to make a vacuum pump

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Of a liquid ring vacuum pump creates a powerful vacuum, and is widely used in agricultural machinery. The work is a result of the immersion of the rotating mechanism into a liquid.

Changing aquarium compressor, it is not difficult, the design is a little changed:

  1. With a screw driver, unscrewed the mount from the body.
  2. The paired node, and a disassembled non-return valves.
  3. The valves are interchanged, and the device will be back to you.
  4. The pipe, which is connected to the vacuum region as a whole. To remove the humidity in the enclosure is created by a small hole.
  5. To set the system to the gas outlet of the tube is the correct size.

The assembly of the pump takes place in several stages. The inside of the circle, the drum is placed the blade to the mechanism. It is set in such a way as not to come into contact with the body. The drum is partially filled with water.

Impeller with the motor to begin to rotate, and the liquid, under the action of the centrifugal force fills the pump.

The flow of the water comes from a pipe or container. Puller to remove the bearing. Use the panel to insert a sharp. When tightening the nut, with a pressure plate on the shaft.

Shades, which makes the pump with your hands

The main advantages of the membrane-piston pump, in its universality, and in the absence of noise. The vacuum is forced under the action of the piston. The Cam is driven by the device, a vacuum is created by the 2 main parts of the mechanism, — "jaws", rotating relative to each other.

These pumps do not require lubrication, causing them to have less, and require replacement of parts.

A vacuum pump, which can be done individually, with the help of a medical syringe, an auto, or a pump, an electric compressor, the compressor of the refrigerator compressor in the aquarium. If you want to select a particular option, if you want to try and figure out where and why it is going to be used.

The pump is made up of several distinct parts:

  1. The plastic of the bulb by a sealing bellows, which is installed in the park.
  2. The mechanism, which will create a vacuum for drawing the ambient air.
  3. The rubber hose that connects the pump to the bulb.

The stem is inserted into the interior of the balloon, the air is evacuated and a vacuum is created. This results in an improved protection of the atmosphere. Run on compressed air, the valve is released or the hole covered with your finger.

The store also has the options of different pump configurations. However, in this pump, you can easily make your own out of scrap materials. He gets the light bulb of the desired size (you can make the pastry syringe or a plastic bottle), in 2 applications. For a single cavity with the use of sealant or adhesive to join the pipe (silicone, rubber, or out of the dropper). On the second hole of the sealing cuff is attached to ensuring the integrity of, and does not allow them to hurt you. With the help of a seal to the passage of the pipes connected to the pump.

If you want to use a vacuum pump, you can save a lot of money, the collection of a unit in its own right. However, its creation will take a lot of time and effort. For the fabrication of the device with your hands is sometimes enough to take advantage of a pre-existing source material. What type will be selected, will be directly dependent on the level of difficulty of the work, and the methods of use of the instrument.